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Ikebana Returns February 2015

After nearly 8 years of absence, Ikebana returns February 14, 2015! See you soon!

posted by ikebana @ 24 Jan 2016  -  0 comments

Special Announcement.

Last time I promised a non stop 10 pages update, but due to my demanding work and online commissions, I haven't able to do the updates so instead I'll upload the remaining 8 pages (Chapter 01 Pages 22-29) this Friday July 03, 2009.

To our loyal readers who keep on reading Ikebana, thank you for not giving up on us. Let me assure you that we're doing all we can to deliver a regular updates, when chapter 2 starts everything will be different.

"wheeew~" that's it, thank you for reading!

posted by ikebana @ 02 Jul 2009  -  0 comments

Site Improvements Coming Soon

Hey guys. I'm excited to tell that Chapter 1 is almost complete and together with the beginning of Chapter 2 there will be improvements on this site as well, gallery page, character page, links, and many more. So keep reading and add us to your favorites. ^_^

posted by ikebana @ 02 May 2009  -  0 comments

Updating again starting April '09

Ikebana will be updating again this April, sorry it takes to long, so many have change in my life this year, but I'll make sure that Ikebana will be my top priority. so see you next friday...

posted by ikebana @ 26 Mar 2009  -  0 comments

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